I am Gail Nagasako, an educator, teacher, writer, company founder, and more!  Here, you can find info on all my credentials, accomplishments, and experiences in categories like education, tutoring, business, etc.  Let’s start by talking about my educational information.  I graduated with B.A. from the University of Michigan with honors.  I majored in Social Studies and English (with a minor in Political Science).  I am also a certified Public School teacher!

I am the founder of HAPPY (Homeschool Adventures: Program for Parents and Youngsters), a support group for homeschooling families.  It featured consulting (which I still do), as well as field trips and activities.  Through this company, I produced a booklet of information called the H.A.P.P.Y. Homeschool Pack, which featured some of my articles on homeschooling.  If you want to read it, there are twenty copies available through the Hawaii State Library System.

I was awarded the Maui Red Cross Volunteer of 2007 award.  You can read about that in articles by the Maui News that are located HERE and HERE.  I was also a public speaker at numerous Maui Community College classes (like “Child, Family, and Community”), disaster preparedness groups, and homeschooling seminars.

I used to be a youth mentor for Hale Kipa (“House of Friendliness”), as well as a tutor for Hui Malama.  For a bit, I taught 6th grade and substituted in high schools on Oahu, and was even a professional course supervisor and class VIII pastoral counselor (counseling experience on personal, parenting, and educational issues).

I am a published author, having had work published in local papers like Lahaina NewsMaui WeeklyHaleakala Times, and others.  For a while, I published in a homeschholingpublication called Home’s Cool Gazette.  I have even had work published in national publications such as Home Education MagazineGrowing Without Schooling, and Mothering Magazine.

You can contact me about homeschooling and parenting by emailing me at