I have written two books on the topics of parenting and homeschooling.  Both have been well-received and praised, and are available to the general public.  The first book I published is called “Homeschooling Why and How,” available on Amazon.

Homeschooling: Why and How


Here are some testimonials to homeschooling and “Homeschooling Why and How”:

From John Taylor Gatto, New York Teacher of the Year, world-renowned author of Weapons of Mass Instruction and Dumbing Us Down and public speaker:
“This is Mrs. Nagasako’s guide to the road less traveled in homeschooling. I found it a model of clear thinking and clear writing. But don’t be fooled by the directness and plain speech of her argument; this lady knows her subject inside and out. You’ll be glad you read her book.”

From Lawrence Koss, M. Ed:
“As a former public school teacher privileged to know the author and witness the fruits of what she writes, I can attest to her son having grown into a remarkable young man.  He is self-directed yet able to work well in a team, creative, adventurous, bright, caring, responsible, and quite successful as an athlete and entrepreneur. What I like most about Gail’s book is that in an easy-to-read, “down-home” fashion, everything a prospective home school parent needs is right here.  In my opinion. were one to consider home schooling and wish to talk with someone who did it in a relaxed, informative, encouraging fashion … one need go no further than this book.”

From Geralyn Doskoch, M.D., family physician:
“There is nothing more paramount than the physical and emotional well-being of our children.  Homeschooling offers a means to accomplish raising competent, caring individuals, but to many families the task can seem daunting.  In this practical how-to guide, Gail Nagasako brings a wealth of professional knowledge and personal experience to take the fear out of taking this step.  For anybody considering homeschooling but not sure where to start – this is the place!”

The other book I have written largely concerns a type of parenting known as L.I.F.E. (Loving, Intelligent, Fair, and Empowering) Parenting.  This book teaches readers about the basics of parenting with L.I.F.E. and how it can possibly make you a better parent.

Real L.I.F.E. Parenting: The Antidote to Parenting Information Overload


I do hope that you consider checking out these books and the content they hold.  Maybe they can help you!